We’ve worked hard and learned a lot about marketing over the last 10 years in order to better serve you, the small business owners and the ag producers of small town and rural America.

We’ve researched prices and found that we can produce high quality products for you for MUCH less.

While we do not personally
know any of the victims of the
wildfires that have devastated
much of Kansas, Oklahoma
and the Texas panhandle,
we do understand
the monumental task
of rebuilding that is facing
each of these farmers
and ranchers.

Therefore, we are offering
a series of prints –
one for each state.
All profits from these prints
will be sent to relief agencies
in the respective state.
At the end of April I will
send the donation to each
state organization.
Prints will be ordered
and shipped as soon
as payment is completed
via Paypal.

Resting Calf – Kansas

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OK Bull

Bull – Oklahoma

TX Calf

White Calf –¬†Texas