We want to take a minute to thank everyone for their support
of our breeding program once again.  
We sold ALL of the steers and 4 heifers during our sale period.  
They are headed to 7 different counties in Missouri.

Lot 1 Steer

I-80 X Simmi Cross

This is her first calf and we certainly expect there will be many more in the future!
He’s been a standout since day 1 –
Steers this good don’t just come along every day!
Check him out.


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Lot 2 Steer

I-80 X Simmi Angus

This steer has been Mike’s favorite from day 1!
He’s a moderate framed, thick ended calf
who has really come on
since we weaned him.
Young showmen take note here!
He has an awesome disposition and
really ought to get out and compete!


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Lot 3 Steer

Unstoppable X Eye Candy x Impulse

This Unstoppable steer is good haired
and big boned.
Out of a cow we raised who
always has a good one for us.

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Lot 4 Steer

No Worries X Simmi Angus

What a cool looking baldie steer!  He has a nice look with awesome hair and very sound.
We like him more and more everyday.
Another awesome disposition here!

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Lot 5 Steer

Unstoppable X ChiAngus

You’re really going to like this one as a fat steer!
Not a lot of hair, so what you see is what you get –
Big butted and big topped!


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Lot 6 Steer

Unstoppable X Simmi Angus

Nice county fair prospect here.  Should feed well with lots of depth of body, a nice front and extremely smooth shouldered.

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Lot 7 Steer

Unstoppable X Simmi Angus

This calf just keeps improving and catches
our eye more and more.
Another Unstoppable with nice lines
and a clean underline.
Not a lot of hair, but enough spring of rib and depth to feed and show well
at the county fair level.


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Lot 8 Steer

Slam Dunk X Chi Maine

Don’t judge this Maine steer solely on his picture
– he’s better than it shows.
He has a nice look with a really square hip.


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Lot 9 Steer

Slam Dunk X Unstoppable

We really like our Slam Dunk calves!
Take a look at this great haired,
nice looking steer.


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Lot 10 Steer

Carnac X Crossbred

This calf didn’t wean off as his momma’s getting older and not milking as well, but he is coming on with feed. If Avery were walking even she could show this calf!  Awesome Disposition!


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Lot 11 Steer

Good As Gold X LeRoy Brown

Lightest calf of the bunch but he has all the pieces to make a SHOW STEER!  If you can get the pounds on him, he will be tough to get around.  He reminds us of another light steer we sold 4 years ago that did a bit of winning including the Northwest MO State Fair.


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Lot 12 Heifer

No Worries X Simmi Cross

Pay attention here!  We sold a No Worries heifer last year that was successful for the Riley family and now we have another one for you!  This one comes from a momma whose cow family has been on the farm for over 10 years!  This girl has the look to get you noticed in the ring and not be forgotten and yet is gentle enough anyone can show her.


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Lot 13 Heifer

Money Making Express X Insight x HOLL CC Proven Queen

You cannot ask for more out of a 1st calf heifer.  We’re really excited about this Angus heifer who is big bellied, rocket fronted and can really get out and move.  We showed her mother with a lot of success in the 2014 show season.  With her powerful pedigree, we think she’ll be just as successful both in the ring and in the pasture.


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Lot 14 Heifer

Pays To Believe X Simmi Angus

We really like our Pays heifers.  He is the most consistent Simmental bull we used and this heifer is a good example of what to expect.
Love her profile and you just don’t get a better front on a simmental than this girl has.


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Lot 15 Heifer

Pays to Believe X Purebred Simmental

A big bellied purebred with lots of spring of rib.  We hate to sell this one as we no longer have
her mother, but we wanted to offer you
the very best we have.


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Lot 16 Heifer

Pays To Believe X Purebred Simmental

These Pays heifers are nearly peas in a pod.
We can’t say enough good things about them.
Another purebred here with lots of style and yet
will still make a good breeding piece.


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Lot 17 Heifer

Fat Butt X Simmi Angus

We like this Fat Butt heifer as she will make a bigger cow.  We have 3 generations of her cow family so that tells you how impressive her maternal side is.  Come take a look at her in person, as we didn’t get a video due to technical difficulties.  You won’t be disappointed.


No Video Available

Lot 18 Heifer

Good As Gold X Charolais x Chi

Check out this cool smoke heifer!
Big boned, nice haired out of a great cow.
She’s the youngest calf in the offering.


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