Welcome to the 14th Annual Discover Your Dream Sale

Here at Bastian Cattle Company & Bastian Show Calves, we strive to bring you the very best animals through
our breeding program.  All the calves have been bred, born and raised right on this farm.
It’s always fun to look back at previous sale calves and see just how much our calves improve year to year!

2020 has been an interesting year in many regards.  We have learned to be thankful for the freedoms we enjoy  – freedom to raise our families as we choose, freedom to worship as we choose and freedom to show livestock.
A lot of the early shows got cancelled but we were blessed
to have a fun and safe summer showing and enjoying a good deal of success.

Congratulations to our past customers on a banner year in 2020.
We like to feature our winners on the front page of our website and it was getting a little crowded this year –
what a great problem to have!  We look forward to working with you again this year.
And to any new customers, take a close look at this set.
There really is something for everyone in this offering.

**Special Note**
We have always had our breeding heifers priced for load and go sale.
This year the guys decided to change it up a bit and bid them off as well.
We offer you the best breeding heifers we raise and if you don’t buy them, they stay here and improve our own herd – that’s how much confidence we have in them.

Lot 1 – In God We Trust X Moore’s 700

Lot 1 – We’ve never let this cow family have the lot 1 slot as we felt there was just a little something missing each year.  This year, momma got it done and put all the good into this boy!  In God We Trust crossed with our legendary Moore’s 700 just flat out gets it done!  This steer has had two full brothers (both shown by the Angell-Thomas family) that made to the backdrop countless times.  We feel this guy has even more show ring presence to him combined with tremendous carcass potential!  I know I’d sure rather show him than show against him next summer.  Video here.

Lot 2 Huff N Puff X Commercial Angus

Lot 2 – The Huff N Puff bull just seems to work for us.  This steer has really surprised us this fall.  You just have to appreciate how well he can get around.  Soundness is a must and this guy gets it done.  Combine his structure with that fat steer look he possesses, and he could be a ton of fun next summer.  Video here.

Lot 3 – Huff N Puff X  SimmiAngus – March

Market Heifer – PAY ATTENTION HERE!  This girl is sure to turn some heads.  She is ultra feminine, soft middled and can move with ease.  Some may argue that she lacks enough thickness, but I remember a market heifer that looked a lot like this one that was shown by Austin Thomas 2 years ago that kicked some butt all summer long, beating many top level steers along the way!  That heifer has gone on to be a great momma for Austin so we’ll let you decide if you want to show as a market or a crossbred heifer.  Her picture doesn’t do her justice – you’ll have to come see her in person to really appreciate her.  Video here.

Lot 4 – Revival X Profit

Lot 4 – This year we have 3 Simmental breed steers with lot 4 being the first of them.  Lot 4 will stand out in the show ring with his ability to move with ease off both ends complimented by his beautiful front and soft middle with enough thickness to get you in the winner’s circle.  Video here.

Lot 5 – Cornerstone X Innovator/LLSF Cayenne

Lot 5 is our second Simmental breed steer in this year’s offering.  He has a huge middle and is as clean fronted as you can make one in the Simmi breed.  He’s out of a first calf heifer we purchased from Lee Simmentals and she did not disappoint.  We still aren’t sure which is better Lot 4 or 5, so we’ll let you decide.  Video here.

Lot 6 – Cash Flow X Monopoly – March

Lot 6 – Another stylish market heifer here with that show ring appeal.  She’s sleek fronted, soft middled and has just enough chrome to get her noticed!  Video here.

Lot 7 – Huff N Puff x Simmi Angus

Lot 7 – This steer has always been on the list to be in the sale.  Just a real deep sided, soft made kind of calf that has an awesome disposition!  If you have a younger or timid showman, take a look at this boy.  They’ll have a new best friend in no time.  Video here.

Lot 8 – Bandwagon X Pays to Believe

Lot 8 – This guy is an absolute truck!  He is the thickest calf in the offering.  He travels out wide with a big, square hip and a huge middle.  Can be shown as a Simmental breed steer.  Video here.

Lot 9 – In God We Trust X Headliner – March

Lot 9 – Another market heifer here that’s a full sib to the steer that Tucker Robnett showed this year.  Tucker was a many time champion including Grand Champion MO Cattlemen’s Show!  This heifer has a lot of the same look that the steer had last fall.  Video here.

Lot 10 – Revival X Hammer

Lot 10 – This moderate made steer has an appetite like you want to see in a market animal.  He’s slick haired, but when you get him fattened up – that’s when he will excel.  Video here.

Lot 11 – No Worries X Simmi Angus

Lot 11 – This steer may be the sleeper of the sale.  Although he’s a little greener than the rest of the calves, he’s built like a show steer.  Big boned with a big foot and can travel with ease.  He’s got a nice, square hip with a clean front.  Get this guy fat and he may surprise us all next summer.  Video here.

Lot 12 – Cash Flow X Simmi Angus

Lot 12 – What you see is what you get.  This boy is slick but well made.  Video here.

Lot 13 – Cash Flow X Simmi Angus

Lot 13 – We sold a half-brother to this steer to the Hasekamp family from Troy last year and he performed very well for them.  This steer comes to us with a beautiful front and stout rear.  These genetics flat out feed!  Video here.

Lot 14 – Cash Flow X 3/4 Simmental – February 1

Lot 14 – We chose this ¾ blood Cash Flow daughter to lead off our breeding heifers.  She is true and square in her design with a bold rib and clean front.  She can show at the top and when her career is over, she will no doubt make a tremendous cow for your herd.  Video here.

Lot 15 – Addiction X Broker – March 20

Lot 15 – This ½ blood Addiction daughter goes back to Broker on the grand dam’s side.  Another very feminine made female that has a very bright future.  Video here.

Lot 16 – Cash Flow X Remington Lock & Load – February 25

Lot 16 – If you like them stout, check out this purebred Cash Flow daughter. She is the stoutest female in the group. With that said, check out the long, sleek neck she possesses. With that combination and her depth, she is bound to be something special.  Video here.

Lot 17 – Bandwagon X Pays to Believe – February 20

Lot 17 – Brood Cow!!!  There is power in the blood and this girl is stacked!  Bandwagon out of a Pays to Believe cow.  This gal is going to shine when she is in production.  Video here.

Lot 18 – Cash Flow X Hook’s Shear Force – April 4

Lot 18 – We just love our Cash Flow daughters so we offered a little bit of everything.  Here is a little younger female that is very feminine and a little more refined in her design.  Her mother has sure been a good one for us.  Video here.

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