Are you ready to Discover Your 2018-2019 Dream?  We’re very excited about our calves this year.  Take a look, then give us a call to come check them out.  Videos are linked to to each picture.

Lot 1 – Primo X OHL Sweet Talk Crossbred Steer

This steer is out of our OHL Sweet Talk cow (Mainetainer)
and the Angus bull, Primo.

Sweet Talk stamps her calves no matter who you breed her to
with a long clean front, tight shoulder, big middle all on
sound wheels and enough power to get you to the
backdrop next summer.

Lot 2 Huff N Puff X Simmi Angus
Crossbred Market Heifer

I’ve wished this one was a steer from day one, but no matter
the sex, you know she is good as soon as you see her.
Wide topped, bold ribbed with plenty of power from behind.
Probably my favorite of the sale.  Watch out for her next
summer.  Not only will she run with the steers, she’ll
likely beat many of them.

Lot 3- Fu Man Chu X Simmi Angus
Crossbred Market Heifer

Attention young exhibitors!  This market heifer has the kind of
disposition I wish they all had when we are working with them.
It sure is hard to find a hole in this one.  Any way you look at her,
she just puts it all together in a nice package with an amazing attitude.

Lot 4 Here I Am X Simmi
Foundation Simmi Steer

This Here I Am steer has really changed since we started
working with them.  A little more moderate package, but
he has the look and confirmation to make his mark next
summer.  Just enough chrome to stand out among
the solid blacks.

Lot 5 – Hairy X Commercial Angus
Crossbred Steer

This steer is out of a Heat Wave son raised by Jeff Faes of
Turkey Run Farms.  He always caught our eye in the pasture.
Take a close look at this guy; he may just be
the sleeper of the sale.

Lot 6 – Crowd Pleaser X Unstoppable

This steer comes in a little greener package
but you have to appreciate the style and
look he possesses.  Be patient and feed
this one.  I think he’ll surprise everyone
next summer.

Lot 7 Slam Dunk son X Carnac cow
Crossbred Steer

This steer has always been intriguing to me this spring.
Out of our Slam Dunk son (Slam Dunk X Maine Aim donor)
and a Carnac cow, he’s wide pinned, huge bellied type of
steer that moves well on all four and has the kind of hair
you can have a lot of fun with!

Lot 8 – Unstoppable X Simmi Angus
Mainetainer Steer

Don’t overlook this steer.  He is a full brother to the
steer the Neill family showed with some success
a few years ago.  He’s just starting to come into
his own.  Long, clean fronted with a big middle and
moves out very smoothly.  Get him into the heavy
weight class next summer and enjoy the rewards.

Lot 9 – I-80 X Chiangus Cross
Crossbred Steer

I-80 worked well on this Chiangus X Simmi cow.
He puts a lot of good things together with a good

Lot 10 – Mill Brae Wisdom X Simmi Angus
Crossbred Steer

Who doesn’t love a blaze faced calf?  Here’s one
with the right structure that should feed well and
have the kind of look to do well in the show ring.

Lot 11 – Meathouse X Simmi Angus
Crossbred Steer

This January steer is the oldest steer in
the sale.  He should work well for those
early county fairs.  He possesses a
tremendous amount of muscle which is
why I just had to put him in the sale.

Lot 12 – Sky High X Simmi Angus
Crossbred Steer

This steer has just taken off since we brought them in.
He had a gain of 3.8 pounds per day during the first
3 weeks of being weaned.  You should have no trouble
at all getting him where he needs to be next summer.