Welcome to the 15th Annual Discover Your Dream Sale

Here at Bastian Cattle Company & Bastian Show Calves, we strive to bring you the very best animals through
our breeding program.  This year we wanted to make our sale even better and sought out some high quality steers and heifer from Riley Farms and Rankin Farms.  We have known both families for years and trust their breeding programs to ensure you’re getting the best. Thank you to both producers for allowing us to pick from your herds.
It’s always fun to look back at previous sale calves and see just how much our calves improve year to year!

2021 has been an interesting year in many regards.  We have learned to be thankful for the freedoms we enjoy  – freedom to raise our families as we choose, freedom to worship as we choose and freedom to show livestock.
2021 found us getting back to a regular show season which kept us hopping.  It also found us adding two new members to our family, Reagan Ann arrived after the Battle of the Breeds in April and Ty David arrived between county fairs and the State Fair.  

Congratulations to our past customers on a banner year in 2021.
We like to feature our winners on the front page of our website and it was getting a little crowded again this year –
what a great problem to have!  We look forward to working with you again this year.
And to any new customers, take a close look at this set.
There really is something for everyone in this offering.

**Special Note**
We have always had our breeding heifers priced for load and go sale.
Last year the guys decided to change it up a bit and bid them off as well and we’ll continue on with that this year.
We offer you the best breeding heifers we raise and if you don’t buy them, they stay here and improve our own herd – that’s how much confidence we have in them.

Lot 1 – In God We Trust X Moore’s 700

Lot 1 –How could I NOT start with this steer as Lot 1?  His mother just keeps on giving us the good ones. With the proven track record of this pairing, why would we breed her any other way? But this one is special. I may be partial but take a close look for yourself…. he could be the best one she’s raised to date.  This steer has had three full brothers (shown by the Angell-Thomas family) that made to the backdrop countless times. I know I’d sure rather show him than show against him next summer.

Lot 1 Video

Lot 2 Wynne In Doubt X Irish Whiskey

Lot 2 – This steer has a lot of potential and has really come on since arriving at the farm. He has the look the of a fat steer. Big topped, big ended with a nice front. And with the Wynne In Doubt  X Irish Whiskey pedigree that’s sure to put him in the purple. This steer hasn’t been dehorned yet but we will have him surgically dehorned and healed before he leaves the farm at our cost.

Lot 2 Video

Lot 3 – Cash on Delivery X First & Goal x Irish Whiskey

A little bigger framed steer here with some nice lines. He is long bodied with a big hip and is extended out through his front 1/3.  This one is sure to catch your eye.

Lot 3 Video

Lot 4 – Wynne In Doubt X First & Goal x Irish Whiskey

Lot 4 –This boy is a little greener right now, but he has all the right parts to be a good one. Nice hair, wide and square hipped and big boned. Get this one fed right and you will be very pleased with how he turns out.

Lot 4 Video

Lot 5 – No Guts No Glory X SimAngus

The boys have said many times they like this steer a lot (and for good reason). He has really come on here lately. I just love how he puts everything together. He is a little more moderate in his makeup but combined with his choke front and big middle, he could really turn some heads next summer.

Lot 5 Video

Lot 6 – Unstoppable X LeRoy Brown x Turnpike

Big and stout. When you see this one in person you will understand what I mean. This steer is a little older, but I felt he was just too good not to put him in the sale.

Lot 6 Video 

Lot 7 – Huff N Puff X Charolais/SimAngus

If you have a younger or timid showman, this is the steer for you. He has been a puppy dog from day 1 and is a dream to work with.  And really, who doesn’t love a smoke.

Lot 7 Video

Lot 8 – Charged Up X Hammer – Simmental Steer

If you’re looking for a breed steer, this one can be a registered Simmental. We felt this guy has some nice lines with a big square hip in him. And the blaze face just sets him apart in that sea of black.

Lot 8 Video

Lot 10 – Pays to Believe son X Monopoly Money – 1/2 Blood Simmental – January

We didn’t have a Lot 9 in the sale because I wanted this one as Lot 10 as she’s as close to a 10 as we had to offer.  A ½ blood that is so extended through her front, deep bodied and smooth made with impeccable hair and a strong foundation. Someone is going to have some fun with her next summer!

Lot 10 Video


Lot 11 – Huff N Puff X SimAngus – March

This heifer could be shown as a market heifer or a breeding heifer depending on how you want to feed and campaign her. Beautiful hair, big middled with a nice look and a great disposition to boot.

Lot 11 Video

Lot 12 – No Worries X Statesman – Mainetainer – March

Who doesn’t like a baldy who has been like a pet? This heifer is very good in her lines. The No Worries X Statesman cross seems to work well for us. The Riley family had a 3/4 sib to her a few years back that performed both in and out of the show ring for them.

Lot 12 Video

Lot 13 – Innovator son X Rapid Fire (Lock and Load son) – PB Simmental – March

I really like this female! We didn’t get a lot of calves out of her sire as we lost him last spring, but the ones we did get have been great. We sold a ½ sib to this female in our sale last year to the Meyer family.

Lot 13 Video

Lot 14 – I-80 X SimAngus – Mainetainer Heifer – March

Here’s another heifer I feel you could show either as a market heifer or as a breeding heifer. Big sweeping ribcage with plenty of width and a sound running gear.

Lot 14 Video

Lot 15 – Spotlight X Cornerstone- 3/4 Simmental Heifer – May

This younger Simmental heifer comes from a bred heifer we purchased from Lee Simmental Farms. I just love the look this one offers. With Spotlight (1/2 blood Primo son) on the top side and Cornerstone on the bottom side (we really like our Cornerstone females), she is sure to be a top producer when her show career is over.  All that with a sweet disposition.

Lot 15 Video

Countdown to Bid-Off