Welcome to our 13th Annual Discover Your Dream Bid-Off Sale!

I’m not one to make a big speech or write a lot about our cattle, but I thought this year’s set
of market animals and breeding heifers deserved a little bit of praise.

Here at Bastian Cattle Company & Bastian Show Calves, we strive to bring you the very best animals
through our breeding program.  All the calves have been bred, born and raised right on this farm.
And this year’s set of calves has me more excited to be in this business than ever before!
This winter and spring was challenging for anyone in the beef industry
but I guess when we’ve got calves like this year’s set,
it helps us keep going and striving to be better each year.

Congratulations to our past customers on a banner year in 2019.
We look forward to working with you again this year.
And to any new customers, take a close look at this set.
There really is something for everyone in this offering.

We would like to thank everyone who came and evaluated our cattle, who placed bids and who purchased our calves.
We are extremely thankful for each and every one of you.
We sold all of the market animals and the Lots 11 and 12 breeding heifers.
We look forward to working with you on your new projects.

Lot 1 – Huff N Puff X Charolais x Simmi Cow

We’ve spent a lot of years working to get a steer that has this much good in one package.  Big hipped, wide topped and freaky fronted all with a sound structure.  Mike believes in this calf…so much so that he’s betting he’ll make a state fair calf.  He’s never felt that way about any calf we’ve raised and you know we’ve had some mighty successful ones in the past.  

Lot 2 In God We Trust X Headliner Cow

Another high quality smoke steer with loads of potential.  Many times I have heard the saying, “You have to build them from the ground up.”  Well, this steer is standing on 4 stout feet and legs with a big top, big square hip, sweeping rib cage and a front that is tight with minimal chest.  An IGWT out of a Headliner (full brother to Monopoly) cow.  Power in the pedigree.

Lot 3 – In God We Trust X Charolais Chi Cross 

A couple of years ago, this steer would have been at the top of our sale.  I don’t know if any of you remember the white steer the Angell-Thomas family showed 2 years ago.  I could not have been happier for Selestia and her family with the extremely successful year they had with him.  Here is a Full Brother to him.  I told one person who came by earlier this fall that he reminds me a lot of his brother, but maybe doesn’t have quite the hair coat.  He just smiled and said, “No, but I think he’s stouter.”  Enough said.  Oh, and did I forget to mention, his brother was champion 7 times that summer?!

Lot 4 – In God We Trust X SimmiAngus

Another IGWT steer that is sure to make a good fat steer.  I have told my sons I think we ought to breed the whole herd to IGWT, just for the simple fact they grow well and put on pounds.  This one may be a little slicker haired next summer, but I’m sure he won’t disappoint.  He’s got the look to make his own mark.

Lot 5 – Huff N Puff X SimmiAngus

Where do I even begin with this market heifer.  Austin Thomas showed a dominant market heifer from us last year.  She was Champion Overall Market Animal 6 times and Reserve 4 times.  This full sib comes to you in an even stouter package.  She probably shouldn’t even leave the farm, but I am committed to bringing you our best.  Take a close look at her.  Have some fun next summer then reap the rewards if you decide to put her into production.

Lot 6 – Hybrid X Bismark

You may wonder if we got rid of all our black cows, because this is the first black steer we’ve shown you.  Well here’s one you can appreciate for his sound structure, big sweeping ribcage and plenty of muscle when you get behind him.  He also has a wonderful disposition and has been a pleasure to work with.  Highly recommended for a first time or more timid showman.


Lot 7 – Primo X Monopoly

This Primo son out of a Monopoly daughter has the look and hair coat we all look for.  I think when this steer hits his finish point, he is really going to turn some heads.  Lot 7 has also been a really easy-going and fun steer to work with.  Another pick for the younger showmen.

Lot 8 – Bravo X Simmi

A really cool looking brockle faced steer out of a purebred Simmi Cow.  This steer just had the kind of look and eye appeal I try to pick when selecting our sale steers.  A little feed and TLC with this one will give you a summer show season to remember.  Another great disposition.


Lot 10 – Bush’s Unbelievable X Final Product x Proven Queen
January 5, 2019 Registered Angus

We kept this heifer’s full sister last year because her ears were frosted from her momma licking them in the cold MO winter.  Momma pulled the same stunt this year but we decided to go ahead and offer you the chance at some great genetics that have a proven consistency.  This one is huge bodied with feminine lines.  She’s sure to be a great asset in anyone’s herd.

Lot 11 – Uno Mas X Driver x Pohlman’s Barbara
January 3, 2019 3/4  Simmental

Bastian’s Gloria is a January Uno Mas daughter who is very feminine in her make up and cool in her design.  Her mother is a really nice Driver X Pohlman’s Barbara cow. Show ring style with cow production behind her.


Lot 12 – LLSF Charged Up X Frontier daughter
November 4, 2018 3/4 Simmental

Bastian’s Fantasy is another daughter of LLSF Charged Up.  Really smooth made heifer with good hair in a moderate package.  The only reason you get a chance at her is because we’ve kept several cows out of her mother who have become excellent producers for us as well. 

Lot 13 – LLSF Charged Up X Eclipse daughter
October 10, 2018 Purebred Simmental

Bastian’s Faye is an October daughter out of LLSF Charged Up.  A really big hipped, stout purebred female here! She should be a great addition to any producer’s herd.


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