Welcome to the 17th Annual Discover Your Dream Sale

Here at Bastian Cattle Company & Bastian Show Calves, we strive to bring you the very best animals through
our breeding program.  We were a little pickier on what we offered you this year. The total number of calves offered is a little less than the last few years. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and feel like we need to limit the number of calves we’re following around all summer. It’s always fun to look back at previous sale calves and see just how much our calves improve year to year!

Congratulations to our past customers on a banner year in 2023.
We like to feature our winners on the front page of our website and it was getting a little crowded again this year –
what a great problem to have!  We look forward to working with you again this year.
And to any new customers, take a close look at this set.
There really is something for everyone in this offering.

**Special Note**

Heifer Lots will be priced for load and go sales. We have chosen heifers that should do well in the show ring, but even more importantly, do well in the pasture as cows for you.

We offer you the best breeding heifers we raise and if you don’t buy them, they stay here and improve our own herd – that’s how much confidence we have in them.

Click on the pictures to view the calves videos or go to our YouTube Channel

Lot 1 – In God We Trust X Moore’s 700 Steer

The 700 Cow came through for us once again this year!  The IGWT X 700 mating just works! If you know us, I’m sure you know what the potential this steer has. If you like your steers thick ended and burly, you need to take a close look here. I could write a book on the champions and reserve champions this mating has produced and this guy is just looking to add his own chapter to the book!

Many time Grand or Reserve Champion Overall Steer for the Morgan Family.

Lot 2 – God’s Plan X Monopoly Cross Steer

We’ve thought a lot of this steer since he hit the ground this spring. God’s Plan seems to have worked very well on our Monopoly Cross Cow. He puts all the right pieces together in an easy feeding, free moving package. 

Class Reserve Champion at the extremely competetive Lincoln County Fair for the Hasekamp Family.

Lot 3 – In God We Trust X Fu Man Chu Steer

AT Ranch brought us a very good IGWT X Fu Man Chu steer. He is built like a show steer should be. Clean chested, big topped with plenty of middle and a big, square hip. If managed right this one will be one to hang some banners next summer!

Many time class winner and top 5 at several county fairs in Mid MO.

Lot 4 – Huff N Puff X Simmental Steer

This steer always commanded our attention this summer in the pasture. I knew right away he would be in our sale this fall. Big topped and thick ended. He’s eligible to be a Simmental steer.

Many time Champion or Reserve Champion Overall for the Witherow Family!

Lot 5 – Huff N Puff Steer

We like the Huff N Puff calves. This steer has been a stand out in the pasture.  We have sold several steers out of his dam in the past. Very consistent producer, this calf will feed well.

Lot 6 – Wynne In Doubt Steer 

This was our first year breeding Wynne In Doubt and we were not disappointed! Proabably the best haired calf in the sale. He is also the youngest calf but if managed  right, he will be a lot of fun next summer and one to watch out for!

Lot 7 – Wynne In Doubt Steer

I’m very pleased with the depth of the sale this year. This steer just fits right in with out top calves. A lot of years, this guy would’ve been in our top 3 or 4. Don’t let a good year of breeding cause you to miss out on this one.

Class Champion for the Stevenson Family at the St. Charles County Fair.

Lot 8 – Chosen One Market Heifer

Chosen One worked well on the X50 Simmi Cross cow. This heifer has the soft look combined with her muscle and shape to do well in the market heifer division, which is gaining momentum at the county and state fair level. You know we make sure they’re going to compete when we offer a market heifer so look closely here.

Lot 9 – Monopoly 7 X Simmental Cow

Eligible Simmental breed steer. I really like this steer. He is smooth in his make up and can get out and move. He’s got the size and appetite to perform well. Keep some hair on this one and he may surprise us all.

Lot 10 – Huff N Puff

Another Huff N Puff steer here that you have to appreciate for his front 1/3. Combine that with his depth and flashy look. He should do well at the county level.

Lot 11 – Cash Flow Steer

Our only Cash Flow steer this year. One that will be slick haired yet attractive. He will also have the substance and performance to do well at the county level.

Lot 12 – Monopoly 7 Steer

This red steer will make a good project for a first year showman. Very gentle with a nice look.

Lot 13 – March 9, 2922 – Crossbred Heifer

Wynne In Doubt X SimmiAngus 

Like I said on the steers, I was very pleased with the Wynne In Doubt calves and this heifer is a very good representation of that. She is so soft made, attractive in her make up and when you get behind her you’re not disappointed. One you could show as a market or breeding heifer – you decide how you want to campaign her.

Breed Champion or Reserve for the Norfleet Family.

Lot 14 – March 8, 2022 – Crossbred Heifer

In God We Trust 

Here’s a heifer I think an awful lot of. We have retained some females out of her dam and this is the first time mating her to a clubby bull. I believe this female, if mated right, could raise those sought after show steers. Love the way this one is made. We are retaining the right to two flushes with a minimum of 6 transferable eggs.

Breed Champion multiple times for the Willard Family.


Lot 15 – March 14, 2022 – Mainetainer Heifer

I-80 X Pays to Believe x Primo

I’ve seen the saying, “from breeders I respect” and “there’s power in the blood” and those saying fit this heifer to a tee. We have several females out of the original R246 cow. Even though she is no longer here her bloodline lives on with several females going back to her. This I-80 X Primo daughter is very feminine in her make up, very sound on the move and, with her background, will be a very consistent producer. REALLY like this one.

Many time Breed Champion/Reserve for the Willard Family.


Lot 16 – LAR Price Discovery 0320 X Wheeler Chloe 911

Broken A Ranch brought us this granddaughter of the former show bull of the year, EXAR Blue Chip. The Chloe family is a well known and respected  cow family in the Angus breed. Her sire LAR Price Discovery is a son of Growth Fund. She has very good numbers and should make an outstanding cow.

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